Check out this wonderful Facebook post from one of our Stockwell VC’s, who has been making a difference in our campers lives all summer long;

Today started the last week of my summer at Camp Ockanickon, even though we’re nearing the end, I still had an abundance of new Shawnee’s to add to our lively bunch! One, who is having a rough time in life was shy and reluctant to leave my side, but by the middle of the day at playground he was running around and interacting with the other campers. At the end of the day when I walked him to the road to meet his mother, he said, “I MADE SO MUCH FRWENDS!”, then his mom cried, hugged me, and said “Thank you, thank you so much.”

What did YOU do this summer?

Post from Christine Giannobile who is a VC at Lake Stockwell.