As 5th session comes to a close, which means the end of camp for this summer for a lot of staff, I always like the reflect on the summer. Most of the staff have been here now for about nine weeks (give or take a few weeks). These are a lot of weeks with lots of growth and memories for all. And not just for staff, but also for campers no matter how many weeks they have joined us for the summer. I think the reason why I like to reflect so much at the end of camp is because I believe strongly in what camp teaches and bringing those life skills into life outside of camp. Whether it’s your first year at camp learning about the four core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility or you have been coming for years, solidifying your leadership skills even more, there is always room for growth. Whether you are learning about always offering a helping hand or learning how to get along with others there are always skills that can be used in the “real world.” So as the summer comes to an end, I encourage all campers and staff to remember what they have learned at their time at camp and bring it home with them.

Aly Brenner- Camp Matollionequay CIT/LIT Director