Camp is in a Renaissance right now…why? Because over the past couple of weeks, we have been witness to more major facility projects at the same time then in the past 20 years. Actually, I do not know, but since I have been here for 4 years, let’s just say the past 4 years.
Anyway, one of the many projects (which Chef Jason posted on our Facebook page on Thursday) going on is one that I’m extremely excited about. This past Monday we begun two major improvements in the Ocky DH, one which is very obvious and one which is extremely helpful to Chef Jason & Nick.
The 1st project is the sanding and staining of all 32 rectangle tables and 20 round tables. For those of you who have eaten in the DH in the past 75 years, you probably have been wondering when the last time this has happened, we are not really sure. So with belt sanders and palm sanders, a group of staff lead by Nick, which included; Chef Jason, James Otwell, Jim Gilday, Chris Ward and myself have taken on the challenge. Peeling away 75 years of history is no easy task, especially considering the countless layers of paint, stain, lacquer and food that has been applied to these tables. We hope to have the tables ready by the end of next week and a huge thanks to everybody for working hard on this project.
The other project which is not as glamorous as the tables is a new drain for our braising pan and kettle. The two who appreciate this the most are Jason and Nick, who have probably drenched their shoes in hot water countless times throughout the years.
Below is a neat picture of a not so neat DH with Nick and James finishing off the last two tables with palm sanders.

Nick and James hard at work