This year will mark the tenth anniversary of my graduation into United States Marine Corps. This has proved to be the proudest accomplishment of my life. However, just as the great Olympian Wilma Rudolf said, “No matter what accomplishments you make, someone helps you”. This couldn’t be any truer in my case when it comes to the relationship I have with camp and the people I have met here. During my time in the Marines I always had the love and support of the people I met at camp. When I graduated boot camp it was my friends from camp who were there to cheer me on. Before leaving for Iraq my friend from camp came down to North Carolina to spend the weekend and say goodbye. When I was overseas, it was my friends at camp whose names appeared on the return address of a care package. When I arrived home, it was my friends from camp who threw me a welcome home party. It was my friends at camp who asked me to come into their schools and classrooms to talk about my experience in the military.  I am very fortunate for the friends I have grown with over the years at camp. These are the friends you can count on when the world seems the darkest.  Serving in the military can be a challenging experience both at home and abroad. However, I have found that just as it is with the obstacles on the challenge course here at camp any great challenge can be overcome with the support of people who care. During my tenure with the Marine Corps I received the support to overcome those challenges, obstacles, and adversities and make them more manageable along the way.

Where did it come from?

It was my friends at camp!