Hi All!

It’s been too long since my last post so I wanted to bring everyone up to speed on all the great things that we’ve been doing since the last campers left for the summer just five weeks ago.

In that short time, we’ve seen over 1600 students come to camp with 25 different schools! We’ve had 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Environmental Education trips, High School Retreats, Peer Leadership Groups, a variety of colleges, and even an entire Freshman Orientation with Stockton College.

We’ve also had over a thousand people join us over the weekends for Family Camp, Father Child Weekend, YMCA Adventure Guides, Girl Scouts, and we even squeezed a wedding in there.

When we first started this venture when our Overnight Camps wrapped up in August, we had close to 30 staff members from all three of our camps stick around to help with the enormous undertaking. Along the way, many of those staff had to say their goodbyes as they headed back home for school, work, and travel. Each and every one of them continued to have a significant impact on each one of the campers, students, and families that passed through our gates this Fall. Thank you.

There is still much more to do as we continue to host a variety of schools and groups here at camp over the next 9 months leading upto the summer of 2013. However, the amazing thing that I find every day is the amount of students and families that join us all year long are summer campers at heart. In the two groups that are out enjoying camp right now, ther are at least a half dozen campers among them. Tomorrow, as Southampton School comes to join us for their annual 6th Grade trip they will be led by one of our former Village Cheifs from Day Camp. It is truly humbling to see the everlasting impact that summer has had on camp and an absolute privelage to be able to continue to offer that experience to so many people all year long.

Keep Calm and Camp On!