1 part bleach, 10 parts water. Add pollen, stink bugs, spider webs, dirty socks, and a whole bunch of dirt. What do you get?

That’s right, James Otwell, Rich Rupert, and myself spent the day opening up the camp cabins for the Spring.

What goes into getting the cabins ready? I’m glad you asked.

Each mattress is wiped down with a bleach solution, as well are the canvas’ that they lay on. Cabins are swept from every nook and corner and all the little critters that made the villages their home are quietly evicted and given more appropriate living quarters.

While it might not be the most glamourous job, it does mean this. Warm weather is here to stay and campers will very soon be running around camp again.

First on the agenda we welcome Moorestown Friends School tomorrow and joining them on Thursday Rumson Country Day School.

Happy Camping!