Camps all over the country serve as the outdoor classroom, an extension of the science, math, and physical education curriculums throughout the year. Outdoor education programs are a valuable way to create closer relationships within the learning community, experience character development, and reinforce lessons being taught in the classroom. Students are kinesthetic learners and need hands-on, active learning opportunities.

We have begun collecting data from all of our students in outdoor education programs and are beginning to find very interesting trends. Students that participate in our programs overwhelmingly have stated that; they learn more about their strengths while at camp, have an opportunity to help others, want to try harder at school, and believe that their experience will help them to make better decisions in the future.

Camp is a part of every child’s twelve-month educational process. During the summer, our camps provide the opportunity for student’s to continue their character and academic development and leave them better prepared for the next school year. It doesn’t stop there. During the year we serve over 5,000 students and provide programs and opportunities that build relationships, inspire learning, strengthen character, and leave a lifelong impression.