Hi everyone! We’re the Matollionequay CITs of Little House. Right now the girls in Big House are shadowing in different villages and we start shadowing on Thursday. When we shadow, we get to sleep in cabins with campers, help out the counselors and get hands-on experiences at camp.

So far we are having a great time together! We are getting along very well and becoming closer friends. We’ve been learning how to be role models and how to take action in new situations. Our mission as CITs is to use experiential learning to grow as individuals and gain leadership skills. Using experiential learning, we get to teach ourselves skills to become better counselors by doing  various leadership activities and shadowing.

Even though we are learning a lot, we still have time for fun! We have done team building activities at the challenge course, tie dye, and we even took a tour of the entire camp grounds. Ceramics was one of our favorite activities. Tiffany taught us how to throw on the pottery wheel and to sculpt a perfect pot. It was a lot of hard work and every pot turned out differently. We also love going to store– and we especially love chipwiches!

Signing off,
Little House

Corey, Caisa, Michelle, Ramona, Danisha, Taylor, Elizabeth and Emma
And our CIT Moms, Cristina & Lauren!