Hey folks!

If you have visited Camp recently, or plan to visit soon, you will notice that the lakes look… well… a little empty.

“Why?” you ask… well, I was wondering the same thing. Over all the years of working and living here at Camp, I never really knew why we lower the lakes every fall through the winter. I went straight to the source… our own Property Director, Mike Dzwill because surely he would have an answer for us.

Mike informed me that lowering the lakes in the winter has a two-fold effect. One reason is to protect the various docks, bridges and other structures in and around the lakes. Ice can be a very powerful and destructive force… bending, twisting and breaking wooden structures… sometimes at a snail’s pace over an extend period of time… many times going unnoticed until it is too late. If we lower the level of water there is less chance that the ice forming in the cold weather will cause any damage!!

The other reason we lower the lakes is to kill off unwanted weeds that grow around the lake and water-borne weeds that grow up through the water. This may seem like a purely visual or superficial effect… like landscaping… but more importantly it keeps the weeds from growing in the swimming and boating areas of Camp… keeping them clear for everyone to swim, play and enjoy our beautiful cedar water without having to wade into or paddle through “swamp grass” to do so.

Thanks for all the great info Mike!! Keep up the good work!!!

Until next time… be good…

Chef Jason