Hello dear Readers…

This Monday & Tuesday we, in the Ockanickon Kitchen, had the pleasure of hosting the Ocky L.I.T. Boys as part of their training program.

“Shadowing” is the practice of observing someone at their job to… well… see what they do and how they do it!

The L.I.T.’s shadow various staff and programs around Camp to get a taste of the “behind-the-scenes” action in the hopes to give them a better understanding of what makes Camp tick.

Personally, I love the program and feel it offers an opportunity for an initial connection, the first step in a relationship between departments and roles at Camp for these young men who are in the L.I.T. Program to eventually take a role at Camp themselves as a Counselor, lifeguard, etc…

On that same note, it can also build empathy for the other staff around Camp as the L.I.T.’s have now spent some time in their proverbial shoes… for example, the morning spent in the Kitchen with my staff and I. They now see how hard we work to feed all those hungry mouths!!

I had a an opportunity to work with the some of the L.I.T. Girls at Matolly a few years ago and I am proud to say now those very girls are some of Matolly’s bright and shining Leadership Staff and we continue to have a great relationship thanks to the introduction through the Shadowing program.

So here’s to a bright future at Camp for the L.I.T.’s!!!

Pictured here is the Ocky L.I.T.’s and my Ocky Kitchen Staff… In no particular order… Shane, Jake, Dom, Simon, Freddy, Kostya, Andres, Freddy (yes, there are two) and Fernando.

To the L.I.T Class of 2010… Thanks for hanging out with us, offering a hand and giving us the opportunity to show you what we do!

Thanks for reading!

Be good…

Chef Jason