Hey folks…

When I took the reigns of our Camp’s Food Service program in 2006, after the departure of my mentor Chef Manny, I began a mission to find a special dessert to serve for our most special dinner at Camp… The Green and Blue Feather Banquet night.

After a few tries with some average and vaguely memorable ice cream type treats, I found the answer… Chocolate Mousse!

Chocolate Mousse garnished with a strawberry, a vanilla cookie and a dollop of whipped cream!! A delightfully rich and winning combination!

The Matolly Girls even came up with a chant to let the Kitchen Staff know that they are ready for the delicious dessert.

“Choco-late-Mousse… Choco-late-Mousse…”

Continue the chant until the dessert makes it’s appearance.

The gestures that goes along with the chant is… smack your open palms the table twice with the syllables to “Choco-late”… then, fingers outstretched, put your thumbs to your temples as if you had the antlers of a moose and shout “MOUSSE”!!

A dining hall full of Matolly Girls doing this chant will summon the dessert in a heartbeat!

Pictured here is some of the staff from the Ocky Kitchen, Seif and Kostya, preparing the mousse… myself, putting the finishing touch on, the whipped cream… and the final presentation.

Bon Appetite… and be good…

Chef Jason