Hello everyone…

As mentioned here on the Blog earlier in the week by our very own Lake Stockwell Day Camp Director, Jen Segelken, this year marks the 20th anniversary (or better yet, BIRTHDAY!!!) of the addition of the Day Camp to our program.

And as she also mentioned I had a special surprise snack in the works for today.

Pictured above is just that… 300 “birthday” cupcakes, enough to feed the whole Day Camp crowd, and cleverly iced to show everyone the big 2-0!! (Don’t try to count the cupcakes in the photo. There is not really 300 there… we had another 2 full trays back in the kitchen!! These were just for the big show!!)

Before enjoying the cupcakes the entire group sang “Happy Birthday to you…” and let me tell you… the kids all sang with so much heart and spirit it was deafening. So loud that I think the girls down at Matolly might have heard them singing!!!

Happy Birthday Lake Stockwell Day Camp!!! May you always be filled with the sounds of children having fun, splashing in the water and learning a thing or two about our 4 Core Values!!!

Be good…

Chef Jason