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I Get It Now….

By |2013-06-27T09:48:57-04:00June 27th, 2013|

Ok, Camper Parents. I just wanted to thank you for trusting your children to us here at Camp. I now understand how you're feeling, as a parent, when you drop off your Campers. You're anxious, excited, nervous, happy, petrified, emotional, proud and inspired. On Monday, we dropped off our daughter, Katelyn, to Preschool Camp. She was so excited! She jumped right in and had a blast. She came home singing new songs, learned new things and did some awesome crafts. She meet new people and gained independence. She shared and used her manners. She LOVED it! Even though she is [...]

It’s here!

By |2013-06-10T12:53:56-04:00June 10th, 2013|

Just a few of our awesome Leadership Staff enjoying the first day of training!

It’s all about the Attitude….

By |2013-04-14T10:30:43-04:00April 14th, 2013|

A little boy went out to the backyard to play with a baseball and bat. He said to himself, "I am the best hitter in all the world!" Then he threw the ball up in the air and took a swing at it, but he missed. Without a moments hesitation, he picked up the ball and tossed it in the air again, saying as he swung the bat, "I am the best hitter in all the world!" He swung and missed. Strike two. He tossed the ball up again, concentrating more intensely, even more determined, saying "I am the greatest [...]

79 Degrees!

By |2013-04-08T13:05:46-04:00April 8th, 2013|

What's the best part of working about 30 seconds from home AND having your office 15 seconds away from the playground....... .......sneaking out of the office and hanging with my favorite girls for a bit :) Hope you're enjoying the beautiful "Camp Weather!"

What a Difference a Day Makes!

By |2013-03-25T13:22:01-04:00March 25th, 2013|

Thank you so much for all the families that joined us for our first Open House of the season! We had many new (and returning!) families come to visit Camp, meet our awesome staff and check out some program areas. It's days like yesterday, that remind my why I love working at Camp! There's something about having a full Dining Hall and kids outside making s'mores that makes me so excited for the Summer! Also, a huge thank you to Mother Nature for giving us a nice day, too! :)

Stockwell’s Themes 2013

By |2013-02-18T17:15:51-05:00February 18th, 2013|

It makes me so happy that I have gotten a ton of phone calls & emails about Stockwell's themes for 2013! Take a look at what's planned for this summer - Do you have any ideas about what activities we can do? Send any ideas or thoughts our way! Session 1 - Whacky Water Week Session 2 - Decades Week Session 3 - Harry Potter Week Session 4 - Adventure Week Session 5 - International Sports Week Session 6 - Amazing Race Week Session 7 - Mystery Weel Session 8 - Color Wars Session 9 - Game Show Week Session [...]

Our Pet Rock!

By |2013-02-11T13:51:21-05:00February 11th, 2013|

I was able to spend the afternoon at our Indian Mills School's Out Site today. The kids were so excited to introduce me to their new Pet Rock. This is the coolest rock I have ever seen! The kids explained that this rock is a "Popcorn Rock." Popcorn rock is a light weight, aragonite limestone crystal found at the outcrops in the Great Basin of the western United States. The popcorn-like crystals are formed from limestone formations. This limestone contains calcite and other trace minerals. When the limestone is completely submerged in vinegar, the calcite crystals are released and then [...]

My Commute

By |2013-01-28T12:40:50-05:00January 28th, 2013|

Today is my first day back at work since having our daughter, Anna, on November 2nd. Oh my, have those 3 months gone by so fast! I so enjoyed being home with our girls - making cookies, enjoying the Holidays, spending lazy days with family. To me, it's so important to cherish each and every day with them. Today I am most thankful for my commute to work. It literally takes less than a minute to get to my office because Brent and I live right on the property. I'm very lucky and blessed that I am able to go [...]

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