Our new program at Camp has been a huge success.  Woodcraft Director, Eric Teitelbaum, and his assistant, John Levinson have been running one period a day for the Matolly Skill Class and four periods a day for the Ocky boys, plus Choice Activity.  Our campers have been learning carpentry skills and have built benches, picnic tables, birdhouses, and lots more.  They are learning real skills that they can use at home.  When we made the decision to introduce this program last winter, Eric told me that he wanted this to be a scheduled activity that each village will participate in.  I told him that I didn’t want to jump the gun.  I wanted to start small and see how things go.  I made the decision (against Eric’s wishes) to start off as a choice activity offered a few times a day like our Photography Program.  I’m very happy to report that Eric was right and I was wrong!  We’ve had entire villages choosing to go to Woodcraft instead of their regular schedule.  We are making a new schedule this weekend for Session 4 that will include Woodcraft scheduled for every village at Boys Camp and a Skill Class offered for Matolly as well.  I am really excited for the success of this program and am very thankful for all of Eric and John’s hard work to make this program safe, fun, and instructional for our campers.  I think the Woodcraft Program is here to stay!

Brent Birchler

Boys Camp Director