Just as I was walking back through camp, moments ago, two CIT’s came running up to me. They just started a two day tour of Cherokee village, where they will be in cabins, working with our youngest campers until Thursday afternoon. So far in their camping careers, this will be the longest amount of time they will be counselors with a group of kids. This is how the conversation went;

“Dave! Dave! Guess what just happened?”

“What happened guys?”

“We just played Tombstone with our cabin!”

“What’s Tombstone?”

“It’s the best game ever! We all acted like zombies in our beds. We tried to see who could act like a zombie for the longest amount of time. And then everybody fell asleep!”

“Sounds awesome guys, did they like it?”

“Yes! When they woke up they all were like, ‘Can we play Tombstone again?!” They want to play tonight after Pow Wow.”

“That’s really great guys, you know that is the kind of thing those campers will remember for the rest of their lives?”

“Really, you think?”

Good job guys, keep up the great work. I could not be happier to be at camp today.