Hey everyone,

Boys Camp Program Director, Brennan Downey, here.

We’ve been doing some great themed meals here at Camp this session. Whether it was Dance Party Lunch on Thursday, Dinosaur Dinner on Monday night or even at our Monk’s Breakfast taking place tomorrow morning, we have a great time making our delicious meals great fun, too. Tonight we are having our first ever Trivia Night Dinner.

The cabins will be asked to write down their answers, trade answer sheets for grading, and the highest scoring team will receive extra dessert. How many do you know?

Quiz-O Questions

1.  What was the last year in which William Douglass (of Douglass Lodge fame) was Executive Director of camp? (According to the plaque in the Infirmary)

2. What is the name of Matollionequay’s Lake? It sounds like something a bird would say.

3. How old am I? (Brennan Downey) Hint: I was an Apache camper in 2004

4. Complete the following Titanic line: When the band struck up with ‘Nearer my God to Thee’ little children wept and cried ____________ it was sad when the great ship went down…

5. In what year was Brent Bircher a CIT? Hint: it was also the year that Czech Republic invaded Czechoslovakia

6. Who was the Algonquin Village Chief before Greg? Fun fact: He lives in South Korea now.

7. What did we have for dinner on Sunday July 1st, the first night of Camp?

8.  For whom is the caveman arcade, the pavilion next to the land sports field, named?

9. Ranger re-supply was this weekend. Did the Ocky rangers go hiking or canoeing first this session?

10. What kind of fruit grows behind the Visitor’s Bathrooms outside of the dining hall?

11. Which DJ and collaborator of Will Smith sent his son to camp in the late 1990’s?

12. Former Cherokee Village Chief and Program Director, Rich Rinaldi, now works at YMCA Camp Erdman in Hawaii. Which ABC Television show was filmed there?

13. Where did Mohawk Village Chief, Rob Giorgianni,  attend college?

14. What is the name of the youngest village at Lake Stockwell Day Camp?

15. With which computer company does Mohawk Counselor / lifeguard, Ian McCrohan,  share his initials?

16. Which cabin is missing from Seneca Village?