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L.L. Bean at YMCA Camps of Medford

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For our members who come out to Camp during the summer, you might wonder why there is a stack of kayaks at Cherokee Beach and why we are not able to use them. Of course we have plenty of (New) kayaks and boats this summer and well, technically, you are able to use L.L. Bean’s, but you would need to sign-up for a special class offered through L.L. Bean in Marlton. Each summer for the past couple of years, the L.L. Bean Outdoor Discovery School has been offering affordable beginner kayaking classes open to the entire community. I had the [...]

To an Old Camper

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Wow, former Ocky Director, Chris Morris, gets 2 blogs in 1 week!  Chris was my boss for my first few years on staff (and my Ranger Head before that along with Rick Worrell and Bobby Sempsey).  At the end of my AC summer, Chris gave all of the staff a framed poem that, to this day, is still the best thing I have ever read about Camp.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did in 1994 and still do to this day. To and Old Camper You may think, my dear, when you grow quite old You [...]

My Favorite Place

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This year will be my third summer here at Lake Stockwell Day Camp. I couldn't be any more excited for this year's journey. With many great changes and additions to our program, as well as new and returning staff, Camp is truly my favorite place to be.

Pitman 5th Grade!

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A huge thank you goes out to all the students, parents, and faculty that came out to join us from the Pitman School District's 5th Grade Class. This was the first time that all three schools, W.C.K. Walls, Memorial, and Elwood Kindle, were able to join us here at Camp and we couldn't have had a better time. Congratulations to all of the students who came out for this historic trip to be the first 5th grade class to climb the wall, cross the swamp, and stay tough through some serios rain this morning. One last thank you to Chris [...]

Sun Tea

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Hello all!! Sun Tea is quite possibly my favorite summer beverage… although it may be tied with homemade Lemonade. When the weather is warm and sunny making Sun Tea easy and delicious and a great way to make a natural beverage and control your sugar intake by avoiding store bought drinks filled with high fructose corn syrups and/or artificial sweeteners. […]

Ockanickon 5K

By |2012-05-12T18:43:57-04:00May 12th, 2012|

Attention all race fans! If you have not heard by now, we have a new 5K race being held at YMCA Camps of Medford on June 15, 2012. Yes this is a Friday night and yes this race will start at 6:30pm! So this will be the perfect way to start your weekend! This race will benefit our Annual Campaign to help send more kids to Camp. If you are interested in signing up, sponsoring, or have friends who might be interested, please pass them the following link: which is our brochure or our on-line registration portal:

I Love This Time of Year!!!

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I know Camp is almost here when staff start rolling in to work Conference.  Over the winter, the only program staff on Camp besides the Directors are Rich Rupert and James Otwell.  We all love each other, but it is so refreshing when our summer staff start to arrive.  Matt Geurtsen came in a few weeks ago.  Over the past couple of days, Zach Bentley, Greg McCrohan, and Emily Madison arrived.  Kris Parker makes an appearance at least every other day.  I spoke to Brett Patterson this morning.  He is in the country and should be arriving at Camp over [...]

And So It Begins…

By |2012-05-10T11:08:06-04:00May 10th, 2012|

Can you believe there is only 44 days left until the first day of Camp?! Everyone on Camp is super busy planning for the start of the summer season. Yesterday, Brent Birchler and Dave Kaubin spent their morning installing the Stockwell Water Inflatable! A big thanks goes to those guys; our campers love the slide! This year, each of our fourteen villages will have a period of slide times once a week. The slide will aslo be available during our Choice period. I am beyond excited for the first day and I hope you are too!

Matolly Cherokee Village 2017

By |2012-05-07T20:01:38-04:00May 7th, 2012|

MaryAnn and I love to watch our daughter, Katelyn, play with her best friend, Charlee Ostroski, the daughter Gab and Chef Jason.  The time they spend playing together is pure joy.  At least until it is time for one of them to go home!  Whenever I watch them together, I can't help but think about the poor Matolly counselor that is going to look at the cabin assignments on that Sunday morning at the start of a new session in 2017 and see that in her cabin, she'll  have the daughter of the Ocky and Stockwell Directors in one bunk [...]

Family Fun Day!

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We had a fabulous turn out for our Family Fun Day yesterday. Families we able to spend quality time together while climbing the rock wall, shooting bows and arrows, making candles and boating across the lake. And the sun was even peaking out a bit! Families were also able to have a ton of fun while jumping around on the huge Bounce House. Our daughter, Katelyn, had so much fun! Check out the picture of her having a blast :)

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