Hello all…

On this Memorial Day weekend I just wanted to send out my heartfelt thanks to all the men and women of service past, present and future. These brave men and women sacrifice so much and in many cases sacrifice everything in defense of our own lives, liberties and freedoms.

There are two such people very close to me that I personally consider role models and heroes.

One is my one and only brother, Jared. He is a Major in the United States Air Force who flies the HH60 Pavehawk which is a search and rescue helicopter in the traditionally “fixed wing” Air Force. He has been in and out of country for multiple deployments in to our various war zones since his graduation from the United States Air Force Academy in 2002. He has flown more missions then I’m sure he cares to count and has done untold good, rescuing soldiers and civilians who needed help desperately.

It doesn’t take a single day on the calender to make me proud to call him my brother… my hero.

The other person is one of our own staff members here at Camp. Rich Rupert has been a fixture around Camp for what seems like forever. Taking a hiatus from his physical presence here at Camp, Rich became a United States Marine… but I know well that Camp was never far from his heart. Rich had returned to us a while back and is now one of our top Recreational Specialists and will be in command of our Challenge Course program this summer. Rich’s vibrant spirit, high energy and pure unfiltered exuberance is infectious and inspiring to me and thousands of kids that come through our Camp programs all year long.

It doesn’t take a single day on the calender to call him my friend… my role model.

Please take time this weekend to remember all our men and women of service both with us and those that have fallen. Without their sacrifices we would not be the great Nation that we are.

Be good…

Chef Jason