I’ve always been rather nostalgic for “the Olden Days.”  I like to watch old movies (especially John Wayne films!), I like being away from civilization when I get a chance, and I love talking to old men.  They have the best stories about the way things used to be!  It seems like things move a lot faster today then they used to and we sometimes forget what is most important about being a good person:  doing the right thing even when it is not an easy thing to do.    It is even difficult to teach this at Camp when we are competing with other “role models” like professional athletes who get in the news for throwing their helmet at an umpire over a bad call, a movie star who has wrecked another car and is back in rehab, or a reality T.V. star whose disgusting behavior is what made them a star in the first place.  Maybe we should look back to “the Olden Days” when a person’s reputation was built on their character and work ethic.  This is what Camps were founded on in the first place.  I just came across this passage in the Michael Eisner book, “Camp.”  It’s been a few years since I read it and it came as I nice reminder about why our job is so important.  From “the Olden Days:”


Be honest and loyal

Be a fair winner and a good loser

Be modest

Enter into all activities

Always be willing to help

Avoid crabbing

Take his medicine when he deserves it

Have a clean sense of humor

Be a good mixer

Be clean in speech and habits

Be a leader

Be a good tripper

Be broad-minded

Be willing to help the other fellow

-Keewaydin Council-

Brent Birchler

Boys Camp Director