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What’s in the greenhouse?

By |2012-04-07T17:54:00-04:00April 7th, 2012|

So……last summer some of the boys from Ocky did me a huge favor and built our very first greenhouse! Unfortunately, the next couple of months were very quiet for the greenhouse and it sat lonely and unfilled. There was a time when the greenhouse had an avocado plant, but over time the cold winter was too much for this tropical plant and the plant moved on. Again, the greenhouse sat alone, waiting for its warm insides to help build new plant life. Then a couple of weeks ago, three famous farmers came to the greenhouse and started to place seeds [...]

Get Ditter-ized!

By |2012-04-06T19:16:49-04:00April 6th, 2012|

One of our favorite "Camp Experts" is Bob Ditter, a clinical social worker from Boston, Massachusetts.  He has been called "camping's most articulate spokesman" by Sports Illustrated for his work with children's summer camps since 1982.  Many of our Camp staff have had the opportunity to attend Bob's trainings over the years and no one has been disappointed.  Below is an excerpt from Bob's new book, "Summer Camp Rules!  Thirty Years of Practical Wisdom from Bob Ditter."  It really hit home with me about my own, and I'm sure many others,' responsibility to our Camp.  I hope it hits home [...]

Keep in touch…

By |2012-04-04T09:13:15-04:00April 4th, 2012|

Hello everyone! I would like to introduce to our Guest Blogger for today… Emily Madison. Emily is a local girl from Medford and has gone from Camper up the ranks thru our C.I.T. and L.I.T programs to become an amazing staff member. Last summer Emily was Matolly’s Land Sports Director and has accepted the duty of being our Boating Director for the summer of 2012. Emily is currently in her first year at Clark University but we can’t wait to get her back home to Camp this summer!! Without further ado… here’s Emily on friendships created here at Camp and continued [...]

When is a Knot Not a Knot?

By |2012-04-03T10:00:17-04:00April 3rd, 2012|

When it is a hitch or a bend. Confused? While knots, hitches, and bends are all commonly referred to as knots, there are some pretty distinct differences. A hitch is when a knot is tied onto something else, such as tying a horse to a pole or fastening a clothesline to a tree. Look outside your cabin this summer to find a great example of a trucker's hich. A bend occurs when you tie two ropes together, or two ends of rope together. A type of bend would be what is commonly referred to as the fisherman's knot, which is essentially [...]


By |2012-04-03T05:35:44-04:00April 3rd, 2012| It's getting that time of year where I start to get the "Camp Itch" - ya know, where the weather starts getting nicer and you can't wait for Camp to start!? The directors at Camp have been spending so much time doing interviews & hiring, getting program plans ready, going to Camp Fairs and trainings. We're so excited that Camp will be here in 81 days! Check out the link above. It's a great way to start your day and get in the Camp spirit!

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