One of the things that come to my mind when I hear the word “Camp” is friendship bracelets. I know many of you can agree that these bracelets are a staple here at Camp. Whether you are a staff member or a camper, you still enjoy creating and wearing these bracelets that someone has made specifically for you. You probably have spent half the summer looking for tape or using your Village Chief’s clipboard to hold your bracelet in place. By the end of the summer you have made or worn tons of bracelets that can probably fill your entire arm and can name who gave you which bracelet.

But what do these friendship bracelets actually mean? Well interesting enough, I found a website that lists the meaning of each color to keep in mind while you are making a bracelet for you friend. 

Pink – Kind

Red – Honest

Orange – Energetic

Yellow – Cheerful

Green – Responsible

Blue – Loyal

Black – Strong

Check out this website to learn new friendship bracelet patterns to teach your friends at Camp this summer !

Lynn Passarella

Assistant School Age Child Care Director