Do Mud Runs make any sense to you? They do to me, but that is because I have been watching one being built and placed around various areas at the YMCA Camps of Medford. Have you ever done a Mud Run before? I have not, but the more time I spend with Chad Mason (creator of the ABF 10Mudrun) the more I have been getting my nerve up to this event.

What I have learned is that it does not take a special person to participate in a Mud Run, but it takes a special person to design and even more, run in 3 10K Mudruns in one day. Which happens to be what Chad will be doing on March 31st.

I was fortunate (and dry) to witness my first Mud Run last November held here at Camp. Mudders went up and over elements, swam our lakes, and ran up and down Blueberry Hill numerous times. I have personally ran the 10K route a couple of times and today spent the day marking the trails and I have to say it’s going to be an amazing route around almost 800 acres of Camp property this year.

Think you have what it takes? Then be sure to register before it’s too late at;