I’m saddened to inform our Camp family that our brother, Harley Chapman, has passed away at far too young an age this past weekend.  Harley came to Ocky in the summer of 2008 from Australia as a Lifeguard and Cherokee Counselor.  Even though we mourn his passing, Harley will be remembered as a man who truly LIVED.  I only knew him for one summer, but everyone who knows Camp knows that it takes a very special person to work with our Cherokees, and Harley was a natural!  To earn the love and respect of so many of our youngest campers says volumes about Harley’s character and generosity.

One of the most happy-go-lucky counselors that I have ever had the privilege of working with, Harley had a smile on his face from the time the Cherokees woke him up in the morning (6:00 am.  Ouch!) until the time he went to bed (in the 85 degree heat and humidity of a south Jersey August night).  Every person who came to Ocky in the summer of 2008 is a better person for having known  Harley.  Let us not dwell on Harley’s passing, but rejoice in the wonderful memories that so many of us have of his antics at the Waterfront, his massive bear hugs, and his willingness to be a friend to anyone who needed him.  May our thoughts and prayers be with Harley’s family and friends during this difficult time.  God bless you, Harley, and thank you for all of the gifts you bestowed upon our Camp community.  You will be missed.

Brent Birchler

Boys Camp Director