This Saturday the staff here at camp spent the day in the air with Al Reisser and the rest of his team from The Summit in an Advanced Rescue Techniques Course. Al is our challenge course vendor and provides trainings, inspections, and advice year round to myself and the rest of the staff here at camp as it relates to the challenge course.

What is a challenge course rescue? One of the scenarios we practiced Sturday involved a shirt becoming caught in the belay device (a friction device used in climbing) of a facilitator. We created a belay transfer which relieved the tension on the shirt and allowed the facilitator to regain control of the belay device.

Why do we practice resuces? 99% of the experiences here at camp are a result of applying our risk management procedures to every program. While we all do our best to make sure we never need to use these skills, it is important that we have them in our toolbox in the event we do need them. Our lifeguards and counselors do this every summer, practicing deep water resuces, CPR, and lost camper drills.

Thank you to Al and the rest of the team at The Summit for coming out on a windy February day to give us a chance to practice and learn together.