122. That’s how many Explorers we had at Lake Stockwell Day Camp last summer. That’s A LOT of Explorers!
The Explorers program is a continuation of our main camp program that has been tweeked to fit the minds of our 12 – 14 year old campers. The Explorers participate in all of our traditional camp activities, but also have the opportunity to experience our Challenge Course.
So, we thought…..“What can we do to make this program A LOT better?”
And our answer…..“Let’s bring them together during the School Year and offer a bunch of different programs, just for our Explorers!” BRILLANT!
Our first “Explorer’s Day“ is going to be held on Sunday, March 11th from 12:30 pm – 3:30 pm. We will meet at the Ocky Dining Hall for lunch before heading out to the Challenge Course, Archery Range and the Gaga and Landsports Field. We’ll enjoy a day together while reconnecting with our friends and establishing a team bond before the first summer session at Stockwell.
So this is where we need your help. SPREAD THE WORD! We have already had a bunch of people RSVP for the event, but we want more! Please call our Main Office (609-654-8225) or email MaryAnn (maryann@ycamp.org) for more information.
And just a heads up – our second event is going to be held on Sunday, June 3 at 12 pm. We’ll be going to a Camden River Sharks baseball game – call or email for more info!