President’s Day Weekend has been a very special here at YMCA Camps of Medford for the Morris & Barrett families for years. Since I came to Camp three winters ago, I have been able to share some amazing stories with these two families, who make up well over a hundred years of campingexperience. They spend this weekend together, sharing stories, and soaking up everything Camp has to offer. I especially enjoy this weekend because it’s an opportunity for me to talk, listen, and learn about the history of Camp. What makes this weekend even better this year was when Brent, Gab, and MaryAnn told me they wanted to move our Summer Camp Winter Meeting to President’s Day Weekend!

For those of you who are wondering what a Winter Meeting is….it’s an opportunity for our leadership staff to come out to Camp and spend some time looking at ways we can improve our already amazing Camp program. Some of the topics we talked about were staff training, theme days, special events, and everything else camp. Which brings up a very good point…Camp starts in 126 days!