I found this document in the Camp Archives many years ago.  I’d like to think I work pretty hard, but I don’t think I can hold a candle to some of the folks who came before me.  The brick monument at the top of the Ockanickon Bowl is dedicated to the gentleman described below.  I think we could all learn a thing or two from him.  Enjoy.

Raymond E. Bunning

Accomplishments Over the 40 Years of Service to Camp Ockanickon


Rebuilt and recanvassed approximately 30 canoes.

Designed and built 60 wooden rowboats.

Designed and Constructed:

                Cherokee Swimming Piers – Ockanickon

                Main Area Swimming Piers – Ockanickon

                Arched Bridge known as Rainbow Bridge – Ockanickon

                Chapel Island Bridge – Ockanickon

                Covered Bridge – Ockanickon

                Warehouse – Ockanickon

                Store – Ockanickon

                Shower House – Ockanickon

                “Bob Armando Memorial Shelter” – Ockanickon

                Swimming Piers – Matolly

                Senior Area Bridge – Matolly

                Kitchen – Matolly

                Store & Craft Shop – Matolly

                Nature Shelter – Matolly

                Paddle House – Matolly

                Entrance Signs for both camps

                All Directional Signs for both camps

                Boat Dumper for both camps

                30 Picnic Tables

                Put Roofs on 95 Buildings.

                Installed Inter-Camp Telephones, Poles, Lines, etc.

                Installed Many Septic Systems.

Designed and Supervised Construction of:

                Eleven (11) new 14’x18’ Tent Houses

                Eleven (11) all-masonry constructed Toilet Houses and Wash Houses

                Hockey Field at Matolly

                Tennis Courts at Matolly

                Basketball Court at Ockanickon

Supervised Construction of :

                Douglass Lodge

                Five (5) Dams

                Horse Stables

                Three 351’ Wells, Pumps, Tanks, Water Lines

                Fences at each Swimming Area

                All Rustic Fences in both camps

Supervised the Renovation of:

                Pomona Cabin

                Cherokee Lodge

                Ockanickon Dining Hall

                Ockanickon Headquarters

                Craft Shop, Ockanickon

                Robbin’s Roost Cabin, Ockanickon

                Dining Hall at Matolly

Moved All Cabins in Ockanickon Junior Area into Village Arrangement

Put Concrete Floor at Nature Cabin Porch

Built Seats at Matolly Bowl

Built Seats at Frank Ramsey Council Ring

Built Seats at Ockanickon Bowl

Built Stages at both camps

Rebuilt Benches in Chapels at both camps

Converted two clay Tennis Courts into Parking Area, Ockanickon

Converted two clay Tennis Courts into Baseball Field, Ockanickon

Constructed Road to Matolly Senior Area

Refinished Dining Hall Tables three (3) times

Reconstructed all Park Benches

Started Replacing Canvas Bunks with Herculite

Started Replacing Cotton Mattresses with Polyfoam

Comments from Ruth:

                Ray has been a fixer-upper of just about anything that got broken.  If a part was needed and could not be obtained, he’d do his darndest to make a replacement part from bits and pieces lurking in the crannies of the warehouse.  If a job needed to be done, no matter what “department” the responsibility lay, he would try to help and/or do it himself.  He has not shirked in any task.  “Clock-watching” is a word unknown to him excepting only when he is working against a deadline on getting a job done for Camp.  I am proud to be Ray’s wife.

Shared by Brent Birchler

Boys Camp Director