The Holiday Season is a very special time at Camp for my family and me.  Not exactly a relaxing time getting all of the preparations ready for my daughter, Katelyn’s second Christmas, getting everything set up for Winter Camp, and running back and forth between relatives’ homes, but a very special time.  It sometimes get so busy that we forget about why it is such an important time of year.  I was really reminded about the spirit of the season late on Christmas Eve after we put Katelyn to bed.  MaryAnn and I finally got to sit down after being on the run all day and watched the last hour of the Jimmy Stewart Christmas classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  It remind me that I really have been blessed with a wonderful life.  In addition to having a truly wonderful family who I love deeply, I have been blessed to have a job that I also love, a job that has allowed me to be part of second family.  My Camp family has been just as influential to me as my blood relatives and is just as dear to me.  During this Holiday Season, I hope all of my Camp family truly recognizes what a “Wonderful Life” it is.

Brent Birchler

Boys Camp Director