This afternoon I walked into Keith’s office and witnessed an amazing list on his dry-erase board. The list had over 30 community events the YMCA Camps of Medford was either sponsoring or was working with an outside organization to run. When I 1st started working here, we had about half a dozen community programs, it was great to see how we have branched out to offer programs to the community we live in.

A great partnership we have been able to form was with Chairville Elementary School and their Outdoor Club. This program has been run in the past out of various locations and this year it has found its way to our camp. The Outdoor Club is open to all 4th and 5th graders and is offered each month at a nominal price. As Keith and I discussed the 1st Outdoor Club program in October, Keith received an email that the 1st session had booked out in less than a week! If you are wondering why the 1st program sold out, well, who does not want to learn about making apple cider! We are extremely excited and lucky to have this amazing partnership with Chairville Elementary School this year and we are looking forward to a exciting year!

Interested in some of our programs? Please head over to for a full listing of community programs held each month at YMCA Camps of Medford.