Happy Freaky Friday Everyone!

We’re the CITs of Big House. Writing this blog in our crazy clothes (hence, Freaky Friday!), we’re excited to share what we have been doing over the past two weeks. One of the responsibilities that come with being a Matolly CIT is doing dishroom. Dishroom helps us work as a team and gives us a chance to give back to camp.

This week we have been shadowing Progressive Skill where campers choose one skill that starts at a basic level and builds upward throughout the week. Skills that campers can choose from include sign language, air riflery, and ceramics. But of course, there are many more to choose from! Next session, we get the opportunity to create and run our own skill activity.

As the Little House CITs mentioned, we have just returned from shadowing in various villages. Some of us went on an overnight, while others participated in other fun evening activities with their assigned village. We all had good stories to share, as we saw how each village went through their day.

The night we joined back together as a group, both Matolly and Ocky CITs had what is known as “Fish Night” as an evening activity. We watched a short film called the FISH Philosophy!, which is about Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington. The film showed us four easy steps to making any job enjoyable. We can use these steps in any aspect of our lives, but especially at camp. The four steps were:

  1. Play
  2. Make their day
  3. Be there
  4. Choose your attitude

Yesterday, we had the privilege of spending the afternoon with Ocky’s activity director, Rich Rinaldi. He taught us how to create a successful activity for campers. Although it began to storm later in the day, Matollionequay still managed to have a good time with an all-camp movie night.

As always, we look forward to our Halloween themed dance tomorrow night, and our CIT trip to Fairview Lake Camp on Sunday that we will write about upon our return. That being said, we are building leadership skills while making friends that will last a lifetime. Our experience is not over yet, though! Our friendships and counseling skills will continue to grow stronger over the remaining weeks we have left in the CIT program.

Stay Green!

Lindsay, Diana, Molly, Amanda, Brandy, Alicia, Julie, Melissa, & Jolene

(and our temporary Freaky Friday CIT moms- Jena Rae and Hillary)