Lake Stockwell Day Camp, Here We Come!

It has been such an honor to become a part of the Lake Stockwell Day Camp Family!  I just wanted to share my thanks to all the Stockwell Summer Staff.  I have been completely overwhelmed with the amount of interest from people wanting to work at our Camp – and even more overwhelmed and thankful with the excitement of our returning staff! It is such an incredible feeling to know that the Lake Stockwell Day Camp Staff are (literally) counting down the days until summer begins….only 124 more days to go!

Last weekend I took a family on a tour of our Camp and I was able to meet an incredible little boy. His eyes lit up and he looked at me and excitedly said, “I get to go swimming in THAT lake?!?!  When will all that ice go away so I can come and practice my strokes!?!?”

For me, it’s the “little things” that make my job so amazing –

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