Each morning when I get to work one of my favorite things to do is check-out our Camp Ockanickon Facebook page. I always check to see who’s birthday is that day and I love getting a chance to wish every person who is a Camp Ockanickon friend on Facebook a big “Happy Birthday”. Recently, I have been extremely happy to see the new pictures of camp, which has been ‘tagged’ to Camp Ockanickon. For example, on January 8, 2011 we have about 100 pictures which were ‘tagged’ to Camp Ockanickon. As of this morning, we had 1,311 pictures ‘tagged’. While this might seem small to some, it shows to us the love and enthusiasm each and every person has for Camp Ockanickon. It gives us a small window to see what Camp looks like through the eyes of our campers and staff. Each picture tells us a unique story of a memory frozen in time for all of us to share. It will give us an opportunity to share our passion of Camp with all those who are interested in learning more and it offers a bridge between young and old.

Over the next couple of months, we hope to continue pushing for more pictures, stories, and programs through our Facebook page, our YouTube page, and of course, our blog. As one of our most important tools for spreading our Camp mission, these tools will help us become more part of your everyday life. Our goal as an organization is to keep you informed on all we do here at camp. From our new ‘Learn-to’ programs, ‘Mother’s Day Brunch’ , or a quick profile of one of our dedicated staff or volunteers, it will be our pleasure to keep you informed.

Recently we had the pleasure of sitting down with 25 of our summer camp staff at what we referred to as our ‘Winter Meeting’. The purpose was to capture ideas for us to help spread the word of camp, improve our programs, and even what kinds of food we should focus on serving. This meeting has produced over three pages of amazing ideas which we will start to work on and introduce to you.

If you are not a friend of ours on Facebook or if you are and want to spread the word, please tell your friends and family to become friends with us. Officially we have two Facebook pages: Camp Ockanickon & YMCA Camp Ockanickon. As always, we love hearing from you and we hope to hear more from you in the future!