Hello Friends…

As you may or may not know, October is “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”.

Here at Camp, in the Kitchen, we are doing something small to contribute to the cause.

The Dannon yogurt company has placed special lids on their products that contain a code that you can enter on the website www.cupsofhope.com .

Dannon will donate 10 cents for every code entered to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

If you’ve ever eaten Breakfast at Camp you know we serve yummy yogurt and guess what… it’s Dannon!!

Nick and I have been saving lids and entering codes by the dozens… doing our small part to support the bigger picture.

Knowing, personally, a few brave and wonderful women who have developed and fought breast cancer, I thought I’d use this outlet to share and promote ‘giving’.

Wether it be 10 cents at a time or 25 dollars here or there or something more magnanimous… We can all do something to help out in our communities.

Supporting a place like Camp with a donation can help ensure that every child who wants to come to Camp can afford to and that Camp will be here for generations to come.

This question will be rhetorical but something for you to think about and discuss with your families…

How do you ‘give back’ to your community?

Be good…

Chef Jason