Hello Friends…

There is a long standing tradition here at Camp… a competition between the Ocky Boys and the Matolly Girls. It’s a swimming event called “The Triangle Swim” and it is open to all the male and female Counselors and Village Chiefs.

The big swim is held every year during the 4th session on the middle Sunday at the Ockanickon Waterfront. The swimmers start from the dock at Ocky, swim across to the dock at our Family Swim Center, over to the dock at “Tee-pee Island” and back to the Ocky Waterfront, touching the lifeguard stand as the finish line… thus creating the triangle.

The trip around the lake is heavily guarded by our trained and experienced lifeguards, on the docks, in boats and on paddle boards, so every participant has a safe race.

There is a plaque that gets handed back and forth between the Camps depending on wether the winner was an Ocky Boy or a Matolly Girl. The plaque will reside at the winning Camp until the next years race.

This year the race was won by Cole, an Ocky Counselor (pictured below, bottom right frame, left). Second place was Katie, a Matolly Counselor (pictured below, middle) followed by another Ocky Counselor, Rob (pictured below, right).

Congratulations goes out to Cole and all of the swimmers who participated!!!

Until next time…

Be good…

Chef Jason