Roll Up Your Sleeves!!!

Hello there!

Last weekend we hosted yet another hugely successful Roll Up Your Sleeves Weekend!!

Many familiar and faithful faces showed up along side some adventurous newcomers and we were all blessed with some great weather to work in.

Many of our standard projects like re-boarding the boardwalk, raking, mulching, painting, planting, building benches and re-footing and cleaning the dining hall chairs were completed with skill and expertise while some new and unique projects like the construction of a new boating area for Ocky, some brilliant carpentry work on the Ocky Dining Hall and Stockwell Archery Pavillion and even removing an old washing machine and installing a new one were also handled with ease by our wonderful volunteers.

From all of us at Camp… Thank you once again to all of you who came out to lend a hand this weekend!! We appreciate every ounce of sweat, every bit of effort and every minute of time you so generously offer to us!!

Below you will find a link to a photo gallery from the weekend. We tried to get pictures of every project and of everyone but there may be some missing. You guys work so fast and so efficient that we couldn’t get around to everything quick enough!!

Here’s the link… 2010 RUYS Weekend Photos

On another note… you may be wondering about the current “Picture Of The Day” (and the picture below).

“Hey Chef Jason… what’s up with Keith hanging out with Congressman John Adler at Camp?”

Well… Camp is within Congressman Adler’s district and Keith decided to invite him to Camp to see what we are all about.

Mid morning on Saturday (during Roll Up Your Sleeves) I was fortunate enough to be invited along for a tour around the property with Keith, the Congressman and his staff. I got to play “photo journalist” for the walk in the woods but I also had a great opportunity to talk to and share a lot about Camp with the Congressman’s staff while he and Keith were engrossed in similar conversation.

It was a really special day for me… and I hope, for Camp. Having a Congressman in you network… seeing first hand all the good that goes on here on our 565 acres of Pine Barrens… can’t be a bad thing, right?

To Congressman Adler and his Staff… Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come out to visit our humble slice of nature and listening to how we nurture.