Hey folks…

WOW!! What a snow storm we had this weekend!!

By my measurements in front of our house at Matolly we got 22 inches!! I’m sure that varies from area to area around Camp but needless to say, there’s a ton of fluffy white snow everywhere!

Our Maintenance crew was hard at work from Saturday morning until late Sunday (and even on Monday) clearing the roads and making walkways to and from and around our buildings here on the property. They even had to free cars that became stuck in the slippery frozen mess.

Big thanks to Mike, Jamie, Chris, Jim and all the staff who helped dig us out!

I don’t want to say too much more… instead, I want to share a gallery of pictures with you and let the images do the talking!!

CLICK HERE to see the gallery…

Please bear in mind I couldn’t really travel to far to grab these photos as my car was snowed under for most of Sunday. All the photos are from the Matolly side of Camp… all from places I could “easily” get to on foot… although it was actually quite an effort to get anywhere in knee deep snow!!

Enjoy the photos!!!

Be good…

Chef Jason

P.S… Don’t forget our “12th Annual Summer Camp Reunion” (formerly known as “Winter Camp” is coming up right after Christmas!!