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School’s Out at Camp

Posted by on Sep 29, 2014

School’s Out at Camp Hello to all of our wonderful School’s Out and School’s Out at Camp families!  YMCA Camp Ockanickon is truly blessed to have you as a part of our organization!  I have had the pleasure of meeting many of your children at Lake Stockwell Day Camp this past summer.  Seeing the continued support throughout our camp is a testament to not only the staff but to our mission! This past Thursday we had our first School’s Out at Camp day!  Although the weather was a bit dreary, the children came in smiling and eager to take on the day!  After an awesome breakfast, served by Chef Kimmie, and some fun games in the Dining Hall, the staff made their way to Lake Stockwell Lodge where the children had fun making clay creations.  They also got to play Gaga in our covered pavilion…who said you can’t play outside in the rain?!  Then it was back to the Ocky Dining Hall for some yummy pizza! After their belly’s (and ours too!)  were full, our Challenge Course Director Rich Rupert was able to brave the elements and safely get the kids on our giant swing…and yes, through much coaxing, I too took the challenge.  All I can say is “WOW”.  It was an experience I won’t soon forget, and the kids and staffs supportive “You can do it!” comments really gave me the encouragement needed to overcome my fears.  Everyone then proceeded back to the Dining Hall for snacks, games and more fun! In keeping with the spirit of our mission, we would love to welcome any new families interested in attending our School’s Out at Camp days.  If you have any questions, please visit our website at www.ycamp.org, or call the main office at 609-654-8225.   Below are the School’s Out at Camp dates.  Hope to see your kids there! School’s Out at Camp dates: 2014 dates:  11/4, 11/6-11/7,  Winter Camp – 12/27 – 12/30 2015 dates:  1/19,  2/13, 2/16  4/3,  4/6 – 4/10   Melissa DiMona School’s Out/Lake Stockwell Day Camp Assistant Director...

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A Nice Surprise!

Posted by on May 30, 2013

 This morning, the School’s Out program at Chairville Elementary was able to experience touring a military helicopter that landed on the school’s baseball field yesterday morning. Yesterday, the helicopter had to make an emergency landing on the property as the helicopter was experiencing mechanical problems. While the military helicopter was still waiting for the parts to deliver, the School’s Out participants were able to get a tour of the...

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Posted by on Apr 25, 2013

Floating around camp there is a video called “The Fish! Philosophy”. This video has been shown to our staff and sometimes incorporated into our CIT and LIT programs. About this time last year, I watched the video for the first time. I was amazed about culture of Seattle’s Pike Place Fish Market, where the video takes place. Although just getting up and going to work or school can be challenging some days, your day will depend on how you make it. Below is The Fish! Philosophy. I challenge you to apply their philosophy in your everyday life whether it’s at work, at school, or in your own personal life. It will really make a difference! The Fish! Philosophy Play! You can be serious about your work without taking yourself so seriously. Play is a mindset more than a specific activity. It allows you to throw yourself with enthusiasm and creativity into whatever you are doing, in a way that is natural, not forced. “Playing” with ideas helps you find solutions to everyday challenges. Choose your Attitude! To actually choose how you respond to life, not just react, you must be intentional. When you get up, decide who you want to “be” today. Moment-to-moment awareness is key. Ask yourself throughout the day, “What is my attitude right now? Is it helping the people who depend on me? Is it helping me to be most effective?”. Be There! When people need you, they need all of you. Setting aside distractions and judgments to be mentally and emotionally present is a sign of respect. It improves communication and strengthens relationships. Make Their Day! Simple gestures of thoughtfulness, thanks and recognition make people feel appreciated and valued. When you make someone else feel good, you feel good...

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Hoppity Hop Hop…

Posted by on Mar 28, 2013

Today at Neeta School’s Out program the kids are gearing up for Easter! They spent their afternoon dying Easter eggs for the holiday. A special thanks to Kimmie and Erin for providing such a fun activity and Nick Homa from the Kitchen for boiling the eggs! =)  From our family to yours… HAPPY...

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Two Years

Posted by on Mar 21, 2013

I once opened a fortune cookie that read “achievement will come with such hard work”. I think about this statement all of the time throughout my leadership in Lake Stockwell Day Camp and School’s Out. Exactly one week ago from today marked my second year, full time, here at Camp Ockanickon. Looking back, these last two years has been such a personal success for me. Not only have I had the opportunity of working here, I have had the opportunity to professional grow through multiple trainings, conferences, and networking events. Although some days are more rewarding than others and some days are more challenging than others, I would picture myself happier in any other organization. Through hard work and dedication, I look forward to continually providing one of the very best Day Camp and Schools’ Out program there is around. Lynn Passarella Assistant Stockwell & School’s Out...

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