A Nice Surprise!

Posted by on May 30, 2013

 This morning, the School’s Out program at Chairville Elementary was able to experience touring a military helicopter that landed on the school’s baseball field yesterday morning. Yesterday, the helicopter had to make an emergency landing on the property as the helicopter was experiencing mechanical problems. While the military helicopter was still waiting for the parts to deliver, the School’s Out participants were able to get a tour of the...

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Posted by on May 29, 2013

Ideas come from curiosity. – Walt Disney

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From the archives…

Posted by on May 26, 2013

Hello dear readers… Every so often, when the time is right, I like to dive back in to our recipe archives and bring back an old favorite or Camp standard to share with any new readers or remind old ones about something delicious that’s cooking here at Camp. I thought this one was fitting, since we are in the middle of our Labor Day Family Camp Weekend… and we had these as part of our BBQ Dinner last night… Ribs!! As I’ve stated in the past, sometimes my “recipes” aren’t truly recipes that you can just follow step by step. I like to teach techniques and let you experiment with the flavors and seasonings that you and your family and friends might enjoy. Once you learn good techniques in the kitchen you can apply them in new and creative ways to other things. So here we go… as posted back in 2011… BBQ Roasted Ribs… First, select the best spare ribs you can find. Preferably pork, but beef may work as well. It all depends on your preference. For the record, here at Camp we use pork ribs. If you buy them already cut up then you are good to go. If the ribs you have are in a rack you will want to cut them down into individual ribs using a sharp boning knife. Guide the knife down in between each rib to separate them. Please, always be careful when using sharp knives especially here with the ribs as things can get very slippery. After separating the ribs, it’s time for stage one of their cooking processes. Bring a large pot of water to a boil… large enough to accommodate all of the ribs you need to cook plus a little extra room for movement. To the boiling water add Pickling Spice, a bit of red wine vinegar (or apple cider vinegar), a bit of Soy Sauce and some brown sugar. In 3 gallons of boiling water you will need approximately ½ cup of Pickling Spice, ¼ cup of  vinegar, ¼ cup of light brown sugar and ¼ cup of Soy Sauce. Try that for starters and adjust according to the amount of water, ribs and, most importantly, your personal taste. Again, remember nothing is exact. Exercise your pallet. If you like your ribs a little on the sweet side, add more brown sugar. In this recipe I use the natural saltiness of the Soy to replace actual salt. If you don’t like Soy Sauce, sea salt is a nice alternative. Poach the ribs in your seasoned water until they begin to float. At this point the ribs should be fully cooked and infused with the great flavors from the Pickling Spice, a little salt from the Soy Sauce and some sweetness from the sugar. This step is key to the tenderization of the meat. When the ribs begin...

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Bugs & Critters

Posted by on May 25, 2013

Every year thousands of folks come out to Camp to enjoy nature. Camp is filled with amazing trees, lakes, games and memories. But…with all that nature has to offer, we have to deal with chiggers, ticks and bugs. I learned really quickly my first summer about chiggers and ticks. Not have lived on the East Coast for ten plus years, I kind of forgot what it felt like to get a tick bit. I also learned really quickly about chiggers. I have never been a bug spray person, but now that I live in South Jersey…I’m a big fan. So I stumbled across this great review from consumer reports. Just remember this summer…use bug spray, just not inside!...

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