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Posts made in February, 2012

Introducing themed days at Matolly!

Posted by on Feb 29, 2012

Summer is not too far away and here at camp we are having so much fun planning our summer events!  Matolly Spirit Day is an event that will happen each session to commemorate Matolly’s 75th  and to celebrate “Girl Power!”  In addition to this day we will also be having … Session 2 ~ Magical Monday! Session 3 ~ Fancy Friday! Session 4 ~ Freaky Friday! Stay tuned to see what else we are planning this summer !!!

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Our Mate, Harley Chapman

Posted by on Feb 28, 2012

I’m saddened to inform our Camp family that our brother, Harley Chapman, has passed away at far too young an age this past weekend.  Harley came to Ocky in the summer of 2008 from Australia as a Lifeguard and Cherokee Counselor.  Even though we mourn his passing, Harley will be remembered as a man who truly LIVED.  I only knew him for one summer, but everyone who knows Camp knows that it takes a very special person to work with our Cherokees, and Harley was a natural!  To earn the love and respect of so many of our youngest campers says volumes about Harley’s character and generosity. One of the most happy-go-lucky counselors that I have ever had the privilege of working with, Harley had a smile on his face from the time the Cherokees woke him up in the morning (6:00 am.  Ouch!) until the time he went to bed (in the 85 degree heat and humidity of a south Jersey August night).  Every person who came to Ocky in the summer of 2008 is a better person for having known  Harley.  Let us not dwell on Harley’s passing, but rejoice in the wonderful memories that so many of us have of his antics at the Waterfront, his massive bear hugs, and his willingness to be a friend to anyone who needed him.  May our thoughts and prayers be with Harley’s family and friends during this difficult time.  God bless you, Harley, and thank you for all of the gifts you bestowed upon our Camp community.  You will be missed. Brent Birchler Boys Camp...

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Challenge Course …

Posted by on Feb 28, 2012

This Saturday the staff here at camp spent the day in the air with Al Reisser and the rest of his team from The Summit in an Advanced Rescue Techniques Course. Al is our challenge course vendor and provides trainings, inspections, and advice year round to myself and the rest of the staff here at camp as it relates to the challenge course. What is a challenge course rescue? One of the scenarios we practiced Sturday involved a shirt becoming caught in the belay device (a friction device used in climbing) of a facilitator. We created a belay transfer which relieved the tension on the shirt and allowed the facilitator to regain control of the belay device. Why do we practice resuces? 99% of the experiences here at camp are a result of applying our risk management procedures to every program. While we all do our best to make sure we never need to use these skills, it is important that we have them in our toolbox in the event we do need them. Our lifeguards and counselors do this every summer, practicing deep water resuces, CPR, and lost camper drills. Thank you to Al and the rest of the team at The Summit for coming out on a windy February day to give us a chance to practice and learn...

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Hey, Stockwell Explorers! We need your help!

Posted by on Feb 27, 2012

122. That’s how many Explorers we had at Lake Stockwell Day Camp last summer. That’s A LOT of Explorers! The Explorers program is a continuation of our main camp program that has been tweeked to fit the minds of our 12 – 14 year old campers. The Explorers participate in all of our traditional camp activities, but also have the opportunity to experience our Challenge Course. So, we thought…..“What can we do to make this program A LOT better?” And our answer…..“Let’s bring them together during the School Year and offer a bunch of different programs, just for our Explorers!” BRILLANT! Our first “Explorer’s Day“ is going to be held on Sunday, March 11th from 12:30 pm – 3:30 pm. We will meet at the Ocky Dining Hall for lunch before heading out to the Challenge Course, Archery Range and the Gaga and Landsports Field. We’ll enjoy a day together while reconnecting with our friends and establishing a team bond before the first summer session at Stockwell. So this is where we need your help. SPREAD THE WORD! We have already had a bunch of people RSVP for the event, but we want more! Please call our Main Office (609-654-8225) or email MaryAnn (maryann@ycamp.org) for more information. And just a heads up – our second event is going to be held on Sunday, June 3 at 12 pm. We’ll be going to a Camden River Sharks baseball game – call or email for more...

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More about Learn to Cook…

Posted by on Feb 26, 2012

Hello all… As mentioned in the previous blog post, we have a host of amazing “Learn To…” classes coming up very soon. Your’s truly will be hosting our Learn To Cook classes where we will be learning some essential kitchen safety & sanitation, techniques, professional kitchen etiquette … and of course, we will be cooking, baking and having fun!! Pictured above is one of my students from last year making cookies… which is always a favorite. We always save a little time each class to enjoy the fruits of our labor and even encourage the parents to come back a little bit before the end of class to have a chance to enjoy some of the food too!! Our first class is scheduled for this coming Friday March 2nd so if we have any aspiring Chefs out there, sign up today. Our spots for the Learn To Cook class series are limited and fill up quickly. Here’s that registration form one more time… http://ycamp.org/documents/2012SpringLearnToRegistration.pdf Be good… Chef...

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Intro to….

Posted by on Feb 25, 2012

A couple of years ago we started a new series of programs called Learn to & Intro to. The purpose of these programs were to teach local kids about some of the great programs we offer during the summer…but during the winter, spring, and fall! To date, we have offered programs in cooking, climbing, survival skills, archery, and kayaking! Because the kids have enjoyed this program so much over the past two years, we have decided to offer two brand new programs this spring: Intro to Camping and Intro to Mountain Biking. Sound like something you would be interested in? Please give Dave Kaubin a call at 609-654-8225 or shoot him an email dave@ycamp.org. Or just download our registration form and sign up today!...

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