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Posts made in August, 2010

Camp Little Rock comes for a visit.

Posted by on Aug 28, 2010

Hello Friends… With one week of Day Camp left and the Resident Camp season behind us we’ve jumped right in to our Conference season where we host schools, retreats, speciality camps… you name it… groups of all shapes, sizes and missions. Camp Little Rock, a speciality camp for the visually impaired, was in this past week. On Thursday night they participated in one of my favorite activities… COOKING!! “Pasta Joe” came for a visit and gave everyone a lesson on preparing Garganelli, a hand rolled tube shaped pasta. My staff and I put the finishing touches on the delicious pasta dinner and served it up. The gang cleaned their plates saving just enough room for dessert. Pictured below is Pasta Joe instructing the campers and some of the final product. Thanks for spending the week with us Camp Little Rock!! Be good… Chef...

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Final Stockwell Overnight – Session 9

Posted by on Aug 26, 2010

We had our last overnight of the summer of 2010 last night. We had 19 campers who participated in the fun and s’more madness 🙂 Check out the photo of our “Stick Dedication...

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Algonquin Challenge Course

Posted by on Aug 25, 2010

The Algonquins have Challenge Course every Wednesday morning. This week, Amanda and Brian asked the group to use short tubes of PVC piping to move a tiny marble to a far away destination. Of course, the campers had to work around a few important guidelines: 1.) the marble must pass through each person’s tube, 2.) campers are not able to move their feet whenever the marble is inside their piece of tubing, 3.) the marble may not touch anything except for the inside of the tube and 4.) if the marble drops, the group must start over. So, as you can see, this was not an easy task! The group worked together, achieved their goal and learned a little bit about planning and the importance of working...

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The Boat Regatta

Posted by on Aug 23, 2010

The Boat Regatta was a perfect way to wrap up Color Wars and Session 8! Each team had two staff representatives who built “boats” out of only cardboard, duct tape and paint. They swam in a relay to capture points for their teams, while the rest of the campers and staff cheered from Bette’s Beach.  We made some fantastic banners offering support and encouragement at Arts & Crafts that showed tremendous team spirit!  I’ve included a few photos of the teams and race below. Congrats to the BLUE team for taking first...

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We Did It

Posted by on Aug 22, 2010

In the hopes of adding some closure to our Summer 2010 blog, I decided it would be appropriate to reflect publicly in front of you, the reader. The sun has indeed risen and set once again on our summer camp program. I couldn’t be more thankful for having been a part of each and every magical moment spent on the grounds of YMCA Camp Ockanickon, Inc. this summer. The amount of pride, passion and accomplishment I feel for our organization is immeasurable. Admittedly, there were days that were hot and nights that were hotter. Swimming never lasted as long as we wanted it to and pulling canoes out of the water never got easier. Early morning bathroom trips always seemed to happen five minutes before the alarm was set to go off, and even if we dosed ourselves in bug spray, bug bites inevitably suffocated our ankles. But we did it. The amount of patience, creativity and spirit exuded by our staff falls short to none, as was shown in our ability to craft an unforgettable experience for our campers and each other day in and day out. We did a lot this summer. We labored over color choices for our Arts & Crafts projects. We played silly tag games on the Landsports Field. We swam in a cedar lake. We canoed and kayaked beneath the beautiful South Jersey summer skies. We slept on bunk beds. We kept our cabins clean. We ate delicious food. We took long and exciting Nature walks through the Pine Barrens. We shot arrows at the Archery Range. We shopped at the Trading Post. We built fires. We even camped out in tents! But most importantly, amidst all the pre-scheduled activities, we tried new things; we met new people; and we laughed.. harder and louder than any day from September to June could ever promise you. How could I have chosen to be anywhere else? My last camper to check out of Seneca Village on Friday did so with sparkling tear-stained eyes. Although equally as sad that the final session had come to a close, I attempted to comfort her with the fact that “There’s always next year!” To which her response was, “But that’s 365 days away!” Hand in hand, we both let out a few sniffles as we walked towards her parents. Beaming, their daughter’s belongings in tow, laughing and shaking their heads at the intensity of our emotional circus, I gave their daughter a big hug and turned to them, “Thank you for sending your daughter to us. She was a pleasure to have in our village. I hope I see you again next summer!” Their response went a little something like this, “I don’t think we have a choice. If we didn’t sign her up, she’d find a way to get here. Matolly has her heart.” After dropping my heart...

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Posted by on Aug 22, 2010

Hello everyone! Here at Camp we like life a little more “unplugged” then most… but that’s not to say there’s not some techies amongst us… and amongst YOU, our visitors, Campers, Alumni and Members. The Internet is a great way for us to keep in touch, hear about news and events, see images of Camp all year around. If you are familiar with the Internet “game” Foursquare then you will be happy to know that Camp has 3 new “check-in” spots… one at Ockanickon, one at Matollionequay and one at our Stockwell Day Camp. The check-in spots are located near the hubs of activity for each of the three Camps… the Boy’s and Girl’s Dining Halls respectively and one near the Stockwell Pavilion. Wether you are a Member hiking the trails or you are a guest with one of our many Conference groups, check-in with us when you are here on the property so we know who’s around!! Maybe your visit here will help you unlock a new badge!!! Don’t forget to find us on Facebook too. Our staff keep the news and events rolling through your News Feed and also put up interactive questions, challenges and requests like a recent post asking you to tell everyone your most memorable moment from our 2010 Summer Camp season!! And of course there’s our monthly e-newsletter that has all the pertinent information. Sign up for it on our website!! It’s a good read and not something for the junk mail folder!! Keep in touch and up-to-date with us year-round to keep the Camp spirit alive and well in your hearts and minds!! Be good… Chef...

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